About Us

Block Expert Inc., headquartered in Canada, serving globally, is at the forefront of blockchain adoption for lottery industry. After years of research and development, we partner with lotteries around the globe, applying our expertise and a lottery industry-specific turnkey solution that shapes a blockchain-enabled future for state-authorized lotteries in a full integration with their current operating processes.

Our turnkey blockchain solution is built on the premise that the entire lottery experience begins and ends the same as at a retail store yet with a near zero operating and administrative cost.

In many cases, building a customized solution from scratch in an attempt to meet the exact specifications of your business can be a setup for failure.

That’s why we, a team of expert from cyber security to project management and business analytics, developed a turnkey blockchain-powered solution specifically designed for state and official lotteries to not only build their presence on blockchain but also fully interact with their current business processes and maintain the brick-and-mortar of business model.

Our consultants are subject matter experts (SME) on business process management, cyber security, and enterprise blockchain adoption and development, specifically in the lottery industry, to help state-authorized lotteries build their blockchain presence with one-of-a-kind lottery-specific blockchain solution and offers a Minimum Awesome Product (MAP) that is Ready for Implementation, Done for Deployment.

We're committed to facilitating lottery-industry-wide adoption of fully autonomous turnkey solution powered by blockchain technology while maintaining the lottery’s critical process and values as central to the business model.

We assist our clients at every stage of the onboarding process, from adoption to maturity stage providing in-depth research and analysis to MMP and to full-scale development taking into account of the full spectrum of business procedures and regulations.



To build the infrastructure that allows official and state lotteries to be more circular, with near-zero operating and administrative cost, in a format designed for the blockchain age while maintaining the brick-and-mortar business model.



To shape a blockchain-enabled future for state-authorized lotteries in a full integration and harmony with their current operating processes, and to streamline the operation leveraging the advantages of blockchain technology.

Our Legal Partner


Block Expert Inc. has contracted Bennett Jones LLP to help navigating the legal complexities of this new environment and to help our clients create and seize opportunities and mitigate risk.